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Have you ever been left in the cold because your geyser burst or stopped working? This is not a situation you want for your family or for your tenant as a landlord. As geyser repair specialists in Roodepoort, we’ve seen and fixed a wide range of geyser issues.

Geyser repair plumbers may be needed because of:

No hot water

Geyser overheating

Geyser tripping power

Geyser overflow

Burst geyser

Having no hot water is very uncomfortable when you need a shower on a cold morning before going to work. Usually, the cause can be a malfunctioning thermostat. It is relatively easy to repair. However, it can be a more severe cause like a leak and your geyser needs to be replaced.

In every case it is your best option to call an expert geyser repair company like Top Notch Plumbers.

Geyser Repair Near Me

Your geyser may be overheating and scalding hot water come pouring out of the hot water tap. It can be readily fixed by adjusting the thermostat or it can be totally malfunctioning, and you will then need to search for ‘geyser repair near me’ to help with this problem.

It is very easy to find us. If you live in the Roodepoort area, key into Google ‘geyser repair near me” and look out for Top Notch Plumbers.

When a geyser is tripping the power, it is malfunctioning and most likely need to be repaired.

Consider the age of your geyser. If it is properly installed and maintained, it should last at least ten years.  It is advisable to have your geyser serviced every 3 to 4 years. If the geyser is older it may have to be replaced.

A tell-tale sign can be rusty water coming from the hot water tap. Once rust and corrosion start it is irreversible to stop the damage and you will need a geyser repair company like Top Notch Plumbers to replace it for you. We can repair the geyser before it gets to that stage.

Geyser Repair Companies in Roodepoort

It is normal for a geyser to drip a bit of water in the overflow pan, but if there is a constant dripping and an overflow of water from the pan, something is wrong.

Call out the plumbers like Top Notch Plumbers in Roodepoort to treat it like an emergency which it really is.   

We have expert technicians, skilled professionals who can promptly attend to your call.        

A geyser deteriorates over time and a burst geyser can cause a lot of damage to your home and belongings. You can find water pouring through the ceiling messing up carpets and furniture.

In case of a burst geyser you can do the following to prevent further damage:

Switch off the geyser isolator switch on the main electrical distribution board.    

Open a hot water tap to relieve the pressure.

Turn off the water at the water mains.

Search for ‘geyser repair near me” on Google and call Top Notch Plumbers in Roodepoort.

If you need leak detection services, please call us today.

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