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Have you noticed a lush green spot in your in your garden lately? Beware! It may be a water leak that is slowly developing underground from one of your water pipes. You will need a leak detection plumber to help you find the leak. It is not always easy to spot the origin of the water leak and therefor you need a leak detection specialist to do the job. Water leaks are usually hidden and start slowly.

There are indications of a water leak that you may notice and you have to be on the lookout for it.

Leak Detection Companies Near Me

One of the signs that cause concern is a rise in your water bill. It can be a steady gradual rise or a sudden jump in your municipality water account. Familiarise yourself with your monthly water account in order to notice the changes on a month to month basis.

You can eliminate the waste of water and money by calling a water leak detection plumber nearby.

Some of the reasons for a water leak may be:

A leak in underground water pipes

A leak in the plumbing fixtures

A leak in appliances

A leak behind the walls

A leak in the meter

To fix any of the above mentioned problems, you will have to call a water leak detector.

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Leak Detection Reasons

A leak in underground water pipes: Over time all pipes and plumbing will eventually develop leaks because of normal wear and tear. Sediment in the water system can build up through the years and mineral deposits which are normal in water can clog up the pipes leading to and from your home. A water leak detector can find the water leak fast, effective and accurate. Call a water leak detector near you.

A leak in the plumbing fixtures: Stop cocks, taps and valves are not made to last for ever; therefore it can break and start a water leak. The places where water leaks usually occur are the bathrooms, kitchens and geysers. As water leak detectors, we at Top Notch Plumbers know exactly how to replace faulty equipment.

A leak in appliances: You may appreciate and admire your trustworthy old appliances that have served you for a long time, but they may be the culprits, which are leaking water without you noticing. Speedy and professional water leak detection is what you will need.

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A leak behind the walls: Look out for damp patches on the walls with paint flaking and that will be an indication of a water leak. The flooring may appear wet and damaged which could be another indicator of a water leak behind the wall which is assembling underneath the floors.

A leak in the meter: When you suspect a water leak, you can shut off all the water and check the water meter. If it is still spinning after you have shut off the water, the leak could be in the pipes leading to the meter or even the meter itself.

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